Wrongful Death

Wrongful-Death-lawsuit-300x198A lawsuit cannot bring back a loved one, but it can save others – and it can ensure your loved one did not die in vain

It could be an automobile accident caused by a drunken driver, a product incorrectly designed or manufactured, or any number of issues involving carelessness, criminal conduct, neglect, disregard of regulations, inadequate maintenance or other issues.

Unfortunately, each year in the United States and Florida, thousands of families lose a loved one due to negligent acts of companies and individuals.

When this happens, a surviving person may bring a Florida wrongful death claim against the company or person responsible for their loved one’s death. The lawsuit may be to recover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other costs that arise from the accident.

Fortunately, a lawsuit like this is more likely to bring results than criminal charges because criminal charges are more difficult to prove – the standard of proof is different in a criminal case, and higher. Wrongful death lawsuits involving children or adults are filed by an attorney in a civil court in order to recover money damages for a loss.